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Unify in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam Unify dropped off two pieces the 'One Love Flowers Monkey' giving away tulips to passers by in an unselfish act of love, and the One Love CND Girl in an act against war, they are in Flevopark.

Homage to Basquait

With Basquait's (an influential American artist) show in the Barbican, Unify put a spin on one of his pieces in homage to an artist who through advertsity proved critics he could deliver original art on the streets, in the studio or wherever he decided to put his art. A great friend of Andy Warhol and someone who left us far too soon at 27 years of age, this homage is in respect of his great work of which Unify crowns the great man and adds the CND Love heart that Basquait's arrow pierces.

Unify in Japan

Unify in Japan creates 'One Love Geisha' of a beautiful geisha who just painted 'One Love' and Hug a Bear makes it out to Japan with the old Japanese Sunset flag on his balloon, they were created in a skate park in Chiba a couple of hours outside of Tokyo.

Graffiti Walls at Fitness First Streatham

Unify's Art Exhibition - Hosted by Fitness First
Showing 20 plus New Paintings, Hand Sprayed Prints and Graffiti installed at the gallery.
Much of the artwork has been 3 years in the making to get to this point with works from the street brought to the gallery for people to purchase and enjoy in their homes.

Change Posters

Unify pastes up all of the UK with the 'Change' posters adorned by a bowler hat wearing monkey. At a time in society when we need a 'Change' of attitudes from people to promote a peaceful way forward.

#FakeFriends - Shoreditch

#FakeFriends is a piece by Unify in Shoreditch: If you really Liked me, You wouldn't Tweet, About being friends on Instagram #FakeFriends. This piece is about the social disconnection in society.

CND Britannia - Leake Street, London

Unify takes Brexit on with a unique piece detailing the Europe Star impaled by the trident of Britannia, who has painted a CND sign over the union flag. This peice is about how Brexit has meant we need to realise that we are still a country whether in Europe's community or otherwise and we should look for peaceful resolutions.

CND Love Girl - Shoreditch

A quiet little spot on a roof garden in the Red Lion in Shoreditch CND Love girl resides, painted by Unify.

CND Love Girl - Whitstable

Unify paints new piece in Whitstable, Kent - CND Love Girl of a girl painting a heart shaped CND sign for Unify's Love and Peace campaign.

Unify Paints Central America Un Amor

Unify paints in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica with Un Amor (One Love) across Central America. Unify would like to thank everyone who helped supply paint, get walls, or help in windy conditions without you all we wouldn't be able to share the love. Here's to spreading Peace and Love Worldwide.

One Love Peace Boy - Shoreditch

Unify puts up new art in Shoreditch just before the festive season kicks off. Love and Peace to all and lets hope that there are less wars next year. With so much political turmoil we can only live in hope that our future is not in jeopardy!

One Love Brixton Blocks - Design Trail 

Unifys new piece in Brixton was put up for Squire and Partners for The Design Trail in Stockwell Avenue, Brixton. 'One Love Brixton Blocks' by Unify. Its going to be a fabulous weekend and lots of art and design to see so head along 17th to 25th September 2016.

Thanks to Jones & Taylor for the photos during installation, great work guys.

Notting Hill Carnival 2016

Unify puts up artwork across Notting Hill for the carnival 2016, Love a Bear - I Love Peace Balloon, Revolution Spray can paste-ups and plaques adorn the streets for all to share.

Stencil Art Prize Finalist

Her Majesty Service Immigration - a girl waving a union jack flag whilst holding a lifebuoy behind her back, the artwork on canvas has made it to the finals in Australia. Please click on the link to see more about the canvas and the stencil exhibtion:

Go Fly Your Kite Bear

Go Fly Your Kite Bear - Love a Bear flys a kite by Unify in Shoreditch.

Buddhist Love CND Book

Buddhist Love CND Book - a boy in search of peace by Unify in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch.

H.M.S. Immigration

Her Majesty Service Immigration - a girl waving a union jack flag whilst holding a lifebuoy behind her back is a new piece by Unify on the wall of 333 Mother Bar in Shoreditch.

Revolution Spray Paint of Peace

Its here the Revolution of Peace in form of a spray can by Unify on the side of 333 Mother Bar in Shoreditch.

Canvases in The Ale House

Unify hangs two canvases H.M.S Immigration and Love CND Boy at The Ale House in Chelmsford for the punters to enjoy.

Love a Bear in Shoreditch

Unify is back in Shoreditch once again and this time with 'Love a Bear' a little lost bear holding a balloon made from Unify's tag in many colours.

Queens of Hackney Blog


Queens of Hackney Blog 2016


It was a freezing and windy morning in March and my sister and I had a mission. We were having a colourful breakfast in one of the most fun places in Brick Lane, Cereal Killers! I know it sounds silly and we could’ve had a cup of cereal in the comfort of my home for half of the price. But we couldn’t resist the temptation of jumping back to the nineties and feeling like two kids again! Cereals boxes everywhere and decorations recalling the commercials, toys and music we grew up with in a time where adulthood responsibilities were meaningless words. We really enjoyed that short break!


It was my sister’s first walk onto the streets of Brick Lane. I wanted her to feel the heartbeat of East London and see what an urban area looks like. I wanted her to see a different way of living in the city is possible. That graffiti art is cool and makes people’s everyday life better, in different ways. We come from a town where it’s very rare to see art in the streets; graffiti is perceived as something to erase and to punish. How boring is that?


We were taking pictures at every corner like proper tourists, from the smallest David Bowie portrait to that massive mural we couldn’t even fit into one frame. And then we saw that door, a beautiful golden door. We had to stop and admire it. It kind of hypnotised us, the drawing on it was so powerful and it made me think, a lot. Once again, that morning I felt like I was 10 again. At that time, the threat of a war just made me want to see PEACE in the world.


Remembering that feeling was shocking, I was that kid represented on the golden door, painting that red heart shape peace symbol. Read more click here....

Gangster Granny hits Camden Lock

Darth Vader CND in Ipswich

Darth Vader CND in Shoreditch

Love CND Boy in Shoreditch

Unify in Camden

Unifys New Canvases 2015

Unify's new canvases can be found on ETSY: Link to ETSY shop

Unify in Brixton - One Love Street

Unify creates One Love Street with a girl blowing a love balloon bubble at Brixton's Fitness First.

Unify Golden Ticket Exhibition

Unify at Manning Amusements in Felixstowe, Golden Ticket Exhibition. Unique pieces created especially for the show as you walk around the venue you begin to find more and are there more hidden away? :)

Limited Editions

Unify releases 4 Original Limited Edition works; Painting Tennis Girl, One Love, Bat-Mickey and Daffy the joker, sprayed on to black board A1 in size. All are numbered and come with certificate of authenticity.  Available on ETSY and at Chappell Contemporary Art Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, UK. ETSY Link : Link to ETSY shop

Butterfly Girl

Unify creates Butterfly Girl in a Secret Garden in Kent.

Whitstable Recycle Girl

Unify creates 'Recycle Girl' of a girl and 100 butterflies made from Cola Cola cans recycled into the artwork on Skin Illustrations wall in Whitstable, Kent.

Whitecross Street Art Party

Whitecross Street Art Party and Unify adds three pieces; 'Treasure good Friends', 'Craazy Crayons' and 'Not for Sale - Monkey'.

Unify on ETSY

Unify is now on the creative site ETSY visit the shop and see all of Unify's creations: canvases, homewares and much more from this very unique artist. Click here to visit the shop.

One Love - Brixton

One Love in Brixton on Tops Tiles wall.....she loves to paint.

To The Beach

Heading to the beach with the dog!?

I call the Shots

Unify at Whitstable in Kent.

SW Londoner Feature

Ready for Wimbledon 2015 the classic tennis pose 'Painting Wimbledon' by Unify...Featured in click the link to the article

Painting Wimbledon Tennis Girl

Ready for Wimbledon 2015 the classic tennis pose 'Painting Wimbledon' by Unify...

No Blowing Bubbles

No Blowing Bubbles Boy in Bristol....

Everyday I Smile

Everyday i smile a little longer, sing a little louder and jump a little higher...

Election 2015

When you the Politicians begin to listen, We the common people may begin to trust. Unify 2015

Are You Looking?

Are You Looking, Ballerina in Shoreditch.


Monkey Politics

With the advent of the 2015 UK Election only around the corner we have to ask ourselves if any politicians are listening to the people, seeing what is needed and speaking about things that people who live in the UK want. Paste-up's all over the UK.

Unify in Bricklane

Unify creates new piece on Bricklane with reference to 'Govt Secrets' and where they come from, also are images from previous work that has been tagged until the art almost has disappeared.

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